Friday, July 31, 2009

Angry Face Doll

The moment we've all been waiting for! The debut of my Angry Face Dolls! Here is the first of what I hope will be a line of lovable dolls. I may nix the Angry Face in later dolls. Dolls are supposed to be happy!

How did Angry Face Dolls come to be? I'd been bouncing a few ideas around, when someone said "Why don't you make a doll with an angry face? It would look like you." Yes, even though my profile picture is a smiling face, most of the time I really do look angry. (Another long story for another time.) So I set to creating a doll.

You've seen a few progress steps of her hair, shot with my less than quality camera phone. From her meager beginning as a turnip head, I knew how she was going to look. I never did get around to sketching out my idea of how she was going to look. I just started crocheting. I must admit, I'd never have gotten the hair just right without Owlishly's amigurumi hair tutorial. Here is another shot of her hair, just after I gave her bangs a trim:

Her name is Molly Lynn, and she looks angry.

She stands about 1' tall, has bright pink hair and a red dress, with red hair ribbons that have white polka dots.

Her Mary Jane-like shoes can be taken off her feet. Her socks have a bit of sparkly lace edging.

She likes to take walks through the garden to see the marigolds.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Molly Lynn!

Til next time,
Be Fearless. Be Crafty. Be You!

~ Kiki


Angry Julie Monday said...

I got this link from a friend...I NEEEDDDD one of these!!! Contact me!!!!

Kiki, The Fearless Crafter said...

Shall I contact you through your blog? I shall try there first. :)