Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swap: Gothic Swap SENT

My swap partner is a spooky kind of girl, who loves all kinds of spooky!

Crocheted Wrist Warmers (Little Miss Sassy Hands pattern)

I found a few cool projects on Ladies Home Journal. Who would have thought that Gothy goodness could be found there??

Photo Album

An Original Fearless Crafter Project

Table Settings


An Original Fearless Crafter Project

Vampire bobby pin

An Original Fearless Crafter Project

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Swap: Dollar Store Swap 4 RECEIVED

WOW! Thank you snowwhitesuicide!!!

I received a package from snowwhitesuicide today! I made out like a bandit!! I really dig the Lenore comics, so that is what I got!

I LOVE IT ALL!!! I actually squealed as I opened the package!! LOL


Closeup of Purse:

Coin Purse:

Bulletin Board:

Skull coasters:

Friday, March 02, 2007

Swap: Dollar Store Swap 4 SENT

I craft for Zombiekilla, she crafts for snowwhitesuicide who then crafts for me! I have been working on a few things, and don't believe that I have to buy that much from the dollar store due to my immense dollar store stash!

Items used:
  1. Cookie sheet
  2. Craft foam
  3. 3 packs of scrap paper
  4. 3 frames
  5. Beaded hotpad
  6. Foam shapes
  7. Can

Ready? Here is the stuff I made:

A perpetual calendar (as seen on her Wists)

Close-up of holidays


A Tetris Can (her favorite game)

A Frame with a beaded flower

Beaded Bracelet

Sparkly bracelet for her daughter

A skull bobby pin

Some stuff I bought:

play food (for her daughter)
a cookbook
2 frames (one holds 7 pictures, the other is mirrored)