Friday, December 22, 2006

So that's why they call it that...

Come to my place of employment, and you could witness a common scene, which would be me with my yarn and crochet hook at the lunch table whipping out my latest WIP.

Scenario 1
Generic Co-worker: "I didnt know you knew how to knit."
Me: "I don't - yet. This is crochet"

Scenario 2
Generic Co-worker: "What are you knitting?"
Me: "Nothing. But I am crocheting this cute insert project name here."


I got a Stitch n Bitch knitters calendar from a friend at work. The only problem is that I don't know how to knit.

I've been planning on learning the fine art of knitting. I can now cast on. The knit stitch, however... Well, let's just say that now I know why it's called Stitch n Bitch. Grrrrrrrrr

There is hope! Here is a site that has video to help those of us knittingly challenged!! I'm going to knit that stitch yet!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Swap: Dollar Store Swap Round 3 SENT

Dollar Store Swap Round 3 Gallery

I have the best swap partner EVER!! Gishygoo is going to be married soon, has two kitties and likes primary colors, bags, hanging picture frames, and unique refrigerator magnets.

List of supplies from the Dollar Store:

  1. Ugly photo album
  2. Cream colored fleece scarf
  3. Cream colored tassel ornaments
  4. Gold glitter glue sticks (ignore the silver ones in the pic)
  5. Large clear marble magnets
  6. Plain wooden heart plaque
  7. Window shaped frame
  8. Plain Frame
  9. Pearl Bracelet
  10. White Tulle circles

A photo album that could be used as is, or as part of a centerpiece or decoration.

The heart was purposely left “unfinished”. I thought she might like to personalize it. (Those arent candies, they're heart shaped marbles!!)

Some pretty little accessories. (I bought a pearly bracelet matched nicely with the fabric covered items.) I made three sets of earrings.

“Save the Date” set of magnets, and a fabric covered one. (sorry about the blurry pic)

My personal fave - a handpainted Rose Garden Window frame that makes me think of my own rose garden. The red tulle is supposed to be like sheer curtains.

I used some leftover silky material that has an Oriental feel to it to jazz up this frame.