Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair we go again

It's been a while since I've blogged about crafting. Now that there is going to be a craft event in the next few weeks, I've been crafting up a storm. I haven't been completely uninspired, but I supposed just more indifferent to picking up a project. Crafter's block.

Here is my current project. I'm working on a doll that I'm going to design myself. I was pondering how to get the hair done. There is an excellent amigurumi hair tutorial over at Owlishly, which I wish I'd seen before I had the head nearly completed. I really do not like frogging my work, so I'm going to do this head in a similar fashion as this doll, by making knots in the yarn and threading it through.

Don't I look like a mutant turnip?

Howie Woo has given me incentive to blog the process and finished product by offering me some of his Sun Chips. :) Be sure to check out his website! He's got amazing crochet skills! I LOVE the dynamite and the little vid that goes with it! His Fridge Critters are just too cute!

Here is a bag I designed as a gift for my friend's graduation. I call it The Jessie. It's made with wool felt, and has inside pockets for a cell phone, pen, and money.

Closeup of the snap closure

I made a Cotton Candy ruffle scarf, using Caron Bliss for my daughter. She didn't like it (neither did I). So I'm going to frog it and just make it straight. To be honest, the scarf looked better on the wrapper. The only good thing about the scarf in its current state is that it's ultra soft!

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