Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some friendly advice

I survived the Tuscarora Picnic and Field Days. Yes, it has taken a few days of recovery to blog about it. I didn't sell anything, but I survived nonetheless.

To pass the time while at my table, I decided to actually create some earrings on the spot. I had all my findings, beads, and tools at the ready. While greeting potential customers, running for my mom, and taking breaks I think I actually created 2 pairs of earrings. No need to insert the sound of everyone coming to a screeching halt. I know, I should have been more prepared.

But I digress. My real purpose here is to lend a gentle word of advice to the lovely (or manly) vendor that created an anklet purchased by a woman seeking my help. It was too small for an anklet, yet too large for a bracelet. The poor woman had a friend named Joyce, that saw me and my tools and sent her my way. I really do wish I could have helped her. Unfortunately, the only way I could have helped would require a restring of the project.

Dear Other Vendor (DOV), please take the time to read this wonderful article by Margot Potter. Margot always provides fascinating content, and has not let us down this time. Please, DOV, please - pay close attention to Margot when she refers to crimp beads! PLEASE!!

That is all. Thank you.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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