Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A fun Second Life necklace

My BFF Lil got me hooked on this online virtual world called Second Life (SL for short). It's hard to explain. I sometimes tell people that it's like the Sims, but online. But that's not quite right...

In SL, I am a Neko (that's japanese for cat). Neko is someone on SL who maintains a human body, with cat-like additions - usually kitty ears and a tail. I have several different tails, but I prefer my red fluffy tail. I have ears, of course. I also have whiskers and orange cat-like eyes. M calls it "playing dollies" because he doesn't understand it. That's ok.

In SL, there is a keyboard shortcut that brings you to your home spot, and I was inspired to create this necklace for my friend.

I dismantled a keyboard for the Ctrl, Shift and H keys. These keys are pressed to bring you to your home spot within the application.

I drilled holes in the keys to connect them with copper wire. I used Blue Moon silver plated chain, and attached a lobster claw clasp at the side. In the picture below, you can see that I usd copper wire to create a wrapped dangle with red glass beads. I used two 1" lengths of chain to create the little loop and heart dangle.

The circle is shrink plastic. On the back, I used lavender and baby pink to create swirls. Hot pink paw prints are also on the back. On the front, I created a red heart outlined in purple and wrote the letter I above the heart and NEKO under it. A blue fish skeleton is on the side of that.

It's to remind her that she always has a home, no matter how far she may roam - in both Real Life and Second Life.

I <3 U Lil :D

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