Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Swap: Once You Pop 9 - Christmas Edition SENT

My partner's favorite Holiday color combos include red/green, blue/silver, and red/white. Her favorite Holiday motifs are woodsy, traditional, cute, snow (men,flakes), red/white (candy canes). I decided to go with woodsy and the red/white color combo.

The woodsy-country Santa can:

Polymer Clay Ornaments:

Beaded Icicles:

An advent calendar, a la Allsorts. This was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. I also had a mishap with the ribbon between each pocket. I ran out of the original ribbon, which actually turned out to be a good thing because the new ribbon is a red and white gingham print. BTW, 9 feet of ribbon is not long enough for this project... I used almost 18 feet!

A crochet candy cane scarf, that did not want to be created in eyelash yarn so I used regular worsted weight:

I also adorned a black and silver frame with poly clay holly leaves and berries, but forgot to take a picture of it. I hope she is able to get a shot to share with me.

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