Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Craft: CAL - Brush the Yarn

Panda head in progress!! I'm using Caron Bliss in Snow and Red Heart in Hot Pink.

Week 1 of Crochet-a-long Video

Tamie Snow showed us how to brush the yarn to get a furry look to the panda. However, since I am currently unemployed, I am trying to use what supplies I have on hand. The pattern calls for Lion Brand Alpine Wool yarn in Vanilla. I don't really have money for that, so I used Caron Bliss yarn in Snow. It's a soft, slightly fuzzy yarn. I bought it at the dollar store a few months ago.

After about five minutes of making a video then discovering that I cannot edit the video with the programs I have, I tried to download other programs. Forget it, I have decided to do this the "old fashioned" way. Using pictures.

Youtube finally uploaded the video. Here it is! (with pictures after):

Basically, you use the dog brush to grab the fibers of the yarn. If you use anything other than wool or other animal fiber, you have to be careful to not break the yarn. I learned this from on of my favorite crochet artists, June Gilbank. Thank you so much!

Make sure that you use the kind of brush that has the slightly bent bristles. Like this:

Not this kind of brush:

Although I will be using the dark bristles pictured on the right side of the image above to smooth the fur on the panda. The first brush pictured doesn't have the smoothing bristles.

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