Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy day

I'm working on a swap item without a pattern. I recently watched my DVR'd Knitty Gritty episode called Celebrity Scarves. Sarah Rosenberg was the guest, and she makes scarves that have been seen draped around Hollywood necks. She also showed us how to make matching wrist cuffs.

I really want to make the cuffs, however I deleted the episode from the DVR, and the directions for the cuffs aren't available on DIY Network's website. :( If anyone else happened to catch that episode and the directions, could you drop me a line at I'd really appreciate it!

In other life news, I'm trying to start spring cleaning on my craft areas of the house. I'd like to have one central area for my craft stuff, instead of it being scattered to the four corners-literally. I'd love to have a little spot in the house to use as a "studio"

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