Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swap: Little Visitor Swap 6 SENT

This one was actually my fourth swap, but also the longest.

Remember Jelly? Well, he was created for this swap. Here's the concept: Exchange stuffies for a pre-determined length of time. Take your visiting stuffy around town and take pictures, like you would a human visitor. Then make a scrapbook.

My visitor was a cute little giraffe named Sofie. (her site isn't quite finished) Sofie started her journey home today, so when I know she has made it okay I will post the finished scrapbook here. (It's my first scrapbook!)

Here is Sofie, just before we went to the post office. She is wearing a necklace that I made for her in her favorite colors (green and purple). We saw belly dancers at the local art gallery, and she wants to take classes. She is wearing "scarves" with bells on them. She sounds just like a bely dancer!!

Edit: Sofie made it home safely!


Goodies I sent with her:

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