Sunday, April 15, 2007

Polymer Clay Eyes *Tutorial*

I wanted to make these for a swap, but could not find flat backed plastic doll eyes that looked like the ones pictured. So I decided to make my own eyes. I did not take any pics when I made the first sets of eyes, so I will just have to make more!!

Sculpey Colors used:
01 - white
042 - black
1628 - string bean

*** Safety First!!! ***

It is not recommended to put uncured polymer clay on furniture.
If you use any type of food-related item such as a plastic chopping mat or pasta machine, you can NEVER EVER use it for food again!
Be sure to follow the directions for baking polymer clay!

*** End Safety Note ***

Let's Craft!!!

Start with a piece of white clay that will make a 1/2" ball. With a blade, cut the ball in half. Be careful not to squish the halves. Eyes are round, remember? This is the only part that I actually measured because I wanted to make sure that the eyes would fit the silverware I used.

Next, use green for the iris. All I did was to flatten a bit of clay and used my template to cut a few 3/8" circles. Carefully smooth them onto the white half-balls, but don't completely cover the white.

Use a very small bit of black for the pupils. Basically, use a small ball about half the size of a popcorn kernel. Flatten it. Smooth it onto the green.

Bake at recommended temperature and time (275 degrees for 15 minutes per 1/4" thickness). Since my oven is older and a bit touchy, I baked mine at 250 for about 17 minutes.


Since I made my eyes, I have taken over the toaster oven for my clay baking. It is now nice enough that I can work outside.


gishygoo said...

Hey Kat! I haven't forgotten about you, and I love what you have done on your blog since our swap! I have an explanation of my absence on my blog if you wanna read about it, but I am back to the crafting world again and hope to have the rest of my crafts for you done soon. It may be the end of the summer, though, because I keep thinking I should do some other stuff, too! Haha, I think I will always feel that way.

PS: I love your tutorial about the eyeballs and the silverware. How CUTE!! Your craftiness is truly inspirational!

PPS: I have a toaster oven dedicated to my sculpey clay baking, too. If I ever move to Buffalo, we are gonna have to be friends.

~ Kat ~ said...

Thanks! You're so sweet!! The silverware was my very first polymer clay project!! I've made one other item since the Goth Swap and hope to get better at it!!