Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad Ideas

Bad Idea #1: Buy Bernat Eyelash yarn at BigLots.
Bad Idea #2: Decide to make something with Bad Idea #1.
Bad Idea #3: Put Bad Idea #1 in work bag.
Bad Idea #4: Crochet while walking down the street.

Crocheting while I walk down the street is normal for me. However, since the ball of Eyelash yarn is smaller than the acrylic yarns I usually use, it fits in my work bag. So I am walking home from the bus stop after work yesterday, crocheting.

I begin to wonder "Why is my yarn so tight all of a sudden?" I look down and notice that the yarn seems to be caught on my coat. So I try to un-catch it. Then I noticed what was really going on.

The yarn had fallen OUT of my bag, and had trailed out about 10 feet behind me!

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