Friday, September 22, 2006

Swap: Dollar Store Swap Round 2 SENT

How can life get any sweeter? Two things that I love have been brought together in a rich, creamy blend of heavenly goodness. The Dollar Store and crafting. There are two very teensy little things that I have a problem with:
  1. I can only spend $10 - very difficult for a dollar store addict to do!
  2. I can only send three things.

Dollar Store Swap Round 2 Gallery

Now that I have that off my chest, on with the show! I really do hope she likes everything! It's different because I don't personally know her. Family and friends always feel obligated to like what I make. I tell them they can tell me the truth. I WANT THE TRUTH!! I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!


Stuff I bought:

Large Clear Glass Marbles ~ $1
Oval Blue Glass Marbles ~ $1
Frame ~ $1
Round Box ~ $1
2 packs Rhinestones ~ $2
Socks ~ $1
Stickers ~ $1
Tape ~ $1
Shoelaces ~ $1

Stuff on hand:

Shrinky Dink

Edit: We have both recieved our packages from each other.
(I sent more than 3 items)


Marble Magnets (that match the Frame)

Top row: Cuddy, Foreman
Middle: Chase
Bottom row: Cameron, Wilson

Skull Jewelry Box

Top view

Left view

Right view

Inside and Front view

Crocheted Skull Purse

Spider Choker

Skull Choker (my first shrinky dink project ever!!)

Inuyasha Keychain/Backpack Pull (my second shrinky dink project)

Skeleton Socks and Yugi-Oh stickers

Amazing Race (to the Dollar Store) Purse





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