Friday, October 27, 2006

"Commissioned" Crochet Pumpkin

I was recently asked to make a little treat bag for a friend. She wants her brother to know that she was thinking of him.

I used a variation of this pattern. I was already halfway done with it when I realized I had the wrong sized hook. I just kept going because it's a few days before Halloween, and I don't know if I will see my friend before then.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Swap: Sweet Treats Round 3 SENT

My swap partner likes fancy chocolates, white cake cupcakes, frosted sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and toffees. She would like to receive some sweet notecards w/ envelopes; pincushions filled w/ sand or steel wool or something to keep needles sharp; soaps; ornaments, bags or containers, or really, anything fun, funky or pretty!

Edit: This swap proved to be challenging, as well as educational. I learned all about my new sewing machine, and that I don't like working with silky type material.

We have both received our packages from each other!

Sweet Treats Swap Round 3 Gallery

Item # 1: A bag inspired by Urban Outfitters Button Bag

detail on bag

Item # 2: Crocheted Cupcake Purse

Item # 3: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pin Cushion

Item # 4: Sculpey Fancy Chocolate Magnets
Edit: I wasnt able to make these for her...

Item # 5: Sweet Notecards and envelopes

(on the back of every card)

Blue with Cutout Star

Cream with Embossed Flowers

Green with Cutout Swirls

Pink with Cutout Ribbon

Purple with Cutout Hearts