Sunday, October 04, 2009

Spooky Spider Wreath

Welcome to Terrorific Tuesday 2009!!!
Week 1

Welcome your guests with this perfectly creepy spider wreath!

I've been on a kick to create some type of decoration for my door for each holiday or special occassion. Considering my current jobless situation, it's an added challenge to use the supplies I have or get them cheap.


  • one 9 inch grapevine wreath - $1
  • two 9 foot purple garlands (mine had sparkly skulls attached) - $2
  • one pack of 2 medium flocked spiders - $1
  • one bag of little plastic spiders - $1
  • 3-pack of Halloween glitter from Joann's dollar bins (white orange, black) - $1
  • white thread - $1
  • white tacky glue - $1
  • glue sticks - $1
  • glue gun - $1
  • set of 20 battery-operated Halloween lights (the teeny bulbs, maybe called rice lights?) - $2
  • batteries - $4

I want to make one! How much did it cost you?

If you have none of these items on hand - $16 plus tax
The items marked in green were purchased for this project, and the purple items were on-hand. You are going to get some more use out of the thread, glue and glue gun (why would you NOT have one?)

Let's Craft!

Step 1

Remove the glittery skulls from the garland. Save them for another craft project. (hey, when you're crafting on a budget - Waste NOT!) Also save the twist ties. You really will use them, I promise.

Step 2

Use the glitter to glam up the spiders. I just added giltter to the circle on medium spider, as well as her leg joints. The smaller spiders got glitter on their abdomen section.

Step 3

While the spiders are drying, use a twist tie to secure one end of a garland to the wreath. Wrap the garland around the wreath. Using another twist tie, connect the garlands to each other and continue wrapping. Use one more twist tie to connect the final ends of the garland, as well as to secure this end to the wreath. Make sure none of the wreath is visible.

Step 4

Glue the battery pack to the back of the wreath. Wrap the lights around, then use hot glue to secure the lights where you want them positioned. I added the batteries, so I could see where the lights were going to look best.

Step 5

Glue the spiders to the wreath. To make the hanging spiders, just hot glue the thread to their bellies and to the garland.

For added spidery goodness, I very carefully used the glue gun to produce those normally annoying spider webby tendrils that appear after squeezing out some glue.

Hang, then step back and enjoy your wreath.



Alexa said...

Love this! Thanks for participating again in Terrorific Tuesdays :) I think we are going to get a lot of great entries!!!

Margot Potter said...

This is super fun! Great idea.


Candace said...

I love it! It's beautiful!

My Big Mouth said...

What a fun project and it looks so easy to do too.
I love that its not very costly also!!
Thanks for the tutorial! said...

That's cute! I love sparkly, glittery Halloween decorations! I'd love to link to this if you didn't mind.

Kat, The Fearless Crafter said...

Alexa - Thank you so much for coming up with a great idea! It's so inspirational!

Margot - Thanks darlin! Perfect for young ones to create!

Candace - Aww! Thank you so much!

Mouth - It's awesome how the creative juices flow when you are strapped for cash!

Rachel - you just made my day! I'd love to be added to your list of links!!

Craft Passion said...

This is cool!!! You can make your own Pom Pom spiders if you don't want to purchase a ready made one.
I have a tutorial for it.

Anonymous said...

nice, i just brought even more bran-new emo backgrounds in my blog