Monday, October 13, 2008

Swap: Once You Pop Round 8 - Halloween Edition SENT

The objective of this swap was to fill a Pringles can with homemade Halloween goodies.

I sent last week, and as far as I know, my partner got it. Here it is, in all it's Pringles glory!

The Pringles can. My partner likes Egyptian mummies, and I created this using cheesecloth, Mod Podge and those flat backed glass marbles used in planters and fish tanks. (Don't worry, they're clean!) I used two large round ones for the eyes, and an oblong oval one for the nose. Now that I think of it, it looks like I mummified Gonzo from the Muppets...

An Original Fearless Crafter Project

4 polymer clay pirate coins. My partner also likes pirates. What's a pirate without a few coins?

A polymer scarab. I got the directions from Polymer Cafe Magazine.

Barry the Bat (could be used as an ornament). Pattern

A Futurama Brain Slug, made from this pattern.

The bottom of Brain Slug. It's a hair accessory!!

A knit scarf, made of Lion Brand Incredible yarn.

I was so very tempted to keep this last piece for myself (but I didn't)! Drum roll, please! My personal favorite piece of this swap:

A polymer covered altoid tin!!

An Original Fearless Crafter Project

I covered the tin with polymer clay, black on top and red on the bottom. Then a jolly roger skull and crossbones. I used the new Sculpey Studio Bake & Bond to adhere glitter for the eyes since I didn't have any gems small enough. I used the gems I did have to create the eye sockets. Then put a thin coat of the Bake & Bond and very carefully added the glitter. As you can see, not all the glitter made it in the eye sockets.

Crafty Lesson Learned:
If you're going to use glitter with Bake & Bond, make sure you bake it right away!! My jolly roger skull has a slight case of red eye because I let it sit for a day before baking.

For the inside, I used a leftover piece of black fleece scarf to line the bottom and sides. For the lid, I cut a piece of plain white paper to fit. I then printed a pirate map from a graphic I found online. I found a section of the map that I liked, and cut it to fit the lid. I then ripped pieces off, and used a black stamp pad (I didn't have brown) to make the edges look burned. I even tore a little hole and inked the edge of that as well. I added a printed compass and the letter N, as well as the phrase "A pirate's life for me"


Phyllis Dobbs said...

You have a lot of really cut Halloween crafts! The mummy made with the Pringles can is especially cute as is the brain slug and bat. Greate site!

Kiki said...

Thank you! I love to make a variety of things, which is why I swap! :)